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  kOOL and TYPO3

kOOL itself is not a replacement for a webpage but a tool for the administration. But often it is still desireable to publish some information stored in kOOL publicly. This can be done with the public part of kOOL (by setting the appropriate rights for the guest user ko_guest) and/or by using extensions for your webpage to extract the necessary data from the kOOL database and publish it on your webpage.


In this section you will find some informations about extensions for TYPO3:

  • kool_base: Base extension with some common code and a backend main module
  • kool_sermons: Manage sermons and podcasts with events from kOOL
  • kool_daten: Display events as list/table etc.
  • kool_feaddevent: Let users add events through a web form
  • kool_kgliste: Display a list/table etc. of your smallgroups
  • kool_groupsubscribe: Automatically generates a subscription form for a kOOL group
  • kool_leute: Display addresses as list, table or single view
  • kool_directmail: Use group members from kOOL as recipients for your newsletter sent from TYPO3
  • kool_sso: Single signon vom TYPO3 to kOOL
  • kool_dienste: Display rota teams on your webpage

Get the code and add to it

You can download some of these extensions through the TYPO3 extension repository on www.typo3.org. You are very welcome to download and use them.

You are also encouraged to share any changes to the code you might see appropriate and to send bug reports or feature requests. Just speak up on the developers mailinglist.

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