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  kOOL features

  • Web based

kOOL module: Addresses

  • Typical database field for christian churches (can be adapted)
  • Version history for each record including displaying an old state of the addresses
  • Manage families with roles (father, mother, children)
  • Multi edit several addresses at once
  • Control access levels for columns and rows
  • Manage all kinds of groups of people, that match your church structure (see groups module)
  • Very powerful filtering
  • Save filters as presets for easy access
  • Sort for any column
  • Save special views per user
  • Export your data to Excel, vCard, print labels and send email or sms
  • Create a mail merge letter as PDF directly from kOOL
  • Export as single person or as family
  • Export children lists including information about their parents
  • Manage your smallgroups
  • Birthday list
  • Access your data in realtime from Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc. (through LDAP)
  • Accept mutations (after moderation)
  • Graphical analysis by age, gender, city, etc

kOOL module: Events

  • Enter repeated events (daily, weekly, monthly) and specify the number of repetitions
  • Use an unlimited number of event groups
  • Group event groups in calendars
  • Add events with moderation
  • Display the events as a list or as calendar (day, week, month, year)
  • Drag&drop calender
  • Filter the events for groups and time
  • Limit the publicly visible events by time
  • Export to Excel
  • Export to PDF as weekly or monthly calendar
  • Automatic generation of custom layouts for ads or monthly event lists
  • Add automatic reservations to the events
  • Display the events on your TYPO3 website as calendar, list or monthly list
  • Load your events in iCal, Outlook or Sunbird through an iCal file
  • Reminder email to group members for event changes

kOOL module: Reservations

  • Manage all kinds of reservation objects (rooms, beamer, vehicles, ...)
  • Collect your objects in groups
  • Display the reservations as list or calendar (day, weekly, monthly, yearly)
  • Drag&drop calendar view
  • Export as a pdf calendar
  • Apply filters for objects and time
  • New reservations can be moderated
  • Add repeated reservations (daily, weekl, monthly)
  • Combine reservations for events

kOOL module: Tracking

  • Track attendance for any events
  • Use members of a small group, a group or a group of people defined by a filter
  • Use events of an eventgroup, manually set dates or weekly repeating dates by weekday
  • Track by yes/no or enter a free text for each person by date
  • Filter trackings by date
  • Export tracking as Excel sheet or PDF file

kOOL module: Rota

  • Manage any kind of teams (technic, preching, baby care, ...)
  • Use weekly teams where you assign a person for a whole week to a certain team
  • Display weekly team scheduling as events in event module
  • Schedule by day, week, month, semester or year
  • View and edit rota scheduling directly in events module
  • Peripheral gathering of service rota through the team leaders
  • Use different teams for different events
  • Export to Excel and PDF
  • Send personal rotas to all team members
  • Use form letter or labels to address members without email addresses
  • Create rotas for multiple teams for multiple months

kOOL module: Donations

  • Manage donations in different accounts
  • Reoccuring donations with manual confirmation
  • Display donations filtered by date, donator, etc.
  • View statistics as table or graphic
  • Export donations as xls file to create letters to the donators
  • Merge donations

kOOL module Mailing

  • Send emails to members of kOOL groups and small groups
  • Easy usage by using fake email addresses like "mygroup@kool.church.net"
  • Access checks and confirmation by email before sending emails

kOOL module: Administration

  • Manage kOOL users and usergroups
  • Assign user rights to users
  • Manage settings per user
  • Change layout settings
  • Customize the information on the front page
  • Check log entries
  • Manage your own label layouts

kOOL module: Fileshare

  • Manage your files online in webfolders (with WebDAV)
  • Apply access rights for kOOL users
  • Hierarchical folders

kOOL module: Tapes/CDs

  • Assign sermons to groups and series
  • Easy and powerful filters
  • Use different and custom print layouts for tapes, CDs, lists etc.
  • New entries are collected from event list and rotas
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