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General: How to show more than 20 events/addresses/reservations per page?

Each kOOL user can set these limits in the layout settings in the admin module. You'll find a limit for each module.

People: How to filter for all small group leaders?

The filter for small group leaders in the people module shows a list of all smallgroups. But if you want to find every person who is a small group leader, just select the empty entry and activate "negative". This way you'll get all people who are not no small group leader - which is every small group leader.

People: How to find all people who have their birthdays in march or april?

Add a new filter "DOB" and set month to 3 and apply. Do the same again but set month to 4. These two filters will be linked by a logical OR, which will give you all people with their birthdays in march or april.

People: How to efficiently move several address from one group to another?

Apply a filter to get a list of all persons belonging to the first group. Now tick the new group in the submenu "columns" so this group shows as a new column in the address list. Now you can tick all addresses and click the edit icon at the bottom of the column showing the new group. This way you will edit the group column for all ticked addresses at once.

This socalled multiedit feature applies to almost all columns in all lists.

People: How to remove a country from the list of countries in the address form?

This list is generated from all address entries stored in kOOL. If you want to remove one from this list, just find alle addresses with this country selected and change the country for all of them. Then this country will not show in the list anymore.

The same holds for other fields like rooms in the reservation module.

People: I gave a login the right to access certain columns only but he still can't see the group columns, what's missing?

You can either edit each group the given login should have access to and open the "Permissions" area, where you may give the login access level 1, 2 or 3 for this single group. If you want to do this for multiple groups it is easier to use "Login permissions" from the Permissions submenu in the group module. Their you'll be able to edit single logins and select multiple groups he should have access to.

People: How to hide/unhide an address?

Hidden addresses are marked with a grey background color in the address list. To hide or unhide such an address, just tick the "hidden" column in the column submenu. This will show a new column with an icon to hide hidden or unhide normale addresses.

Events: How to enter events which should not be publicly available yet?

If you open the list view of all events you'll find the filter submenu. Use the "from" and "until" selections to set the time frame out of which the events should be publicly visible. Then tick "apply globally" and hit "refresh". Now you'll see in red letters that you added a global filter, which applies to all users with only view access to events. For these users no events outside the selected time frame will show.

Events: How do I remove an entry from the list of rooms?

The list of rooms when entering new events is a collection of all rooms ever assigned to an event or event group. So in order for one of them to be removed from this list, you'll have to remove this room from all events / event groups it is still stored.


Follow these steps to efficiently do so:


  • Display the list of all events
  • Set the time filter to "always" to "always", also make sure all event groups are ticked
  • Right click on the column header labelled "Room"
  • Apply a filter for the desired room
  • Use the multiediting feature to quickly change the room for all these events

Rota: Scheduling gives me a blank screen...

There are certain factors which have to be met before you're able to schedule rotas:

- Make sure the current month in the month submenu is opened (marked with an "o")

- Make sure you have events stored in the events module which are marked as "Use in rota", as only those events will show here

- Make sure you have created rota teams and set the event groups, in which they should serve.

Rota: I want to display the event's title on the rota

Use the settings in the rota module to set which title should be displayed: "Display comment row using this field from the events". The selected title will show when scheduling and also in the exported pdf file.

Reservations: I get an error about a collision but there is no colliding reservation

If you get an error message about a colliding reservation object even though you can't find any collision when checking in the list or calendar of reservations, then check the following points:

- Is the reservation object you're trying to reserve currently being displayed. If not tick it's checkbox in the object submenu.

- Does this reservation object have any linked objects assigned to it? Then it is possible that one of these linked objects is causing the collision.

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