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  Backup your kOOL

It is quite simple to backup your kOOL installation - so do it ;-)

All you need is a copy of your database and of your web directory.

Backup your database

You can use mysqldump to backup your database:


mysqldump -u DB_USER -pDB_PASSWORD --quick DB_DATABASE > SAVE.sql


Where DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD and DB_DATABASE must be according to your kOOL setup. Then the whole database will be written to the file SAVE.sql in form of SQL statements. You might want to gzip or bzip2 the file.

You can use the following command to restore your database again:



Backup your web directory

For backing up your web directory you can use any backup tool. A nice incremental backup tool is bontmia, a bash script based on rsync which produces incremental backup snapshots by using hard links.

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