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  Enable the mailing module

In order for the mailing module to work, you'll need an email domain with one catch all account and you have to be able to create a cronjob.


Usually you would want to use kool.domain.tld as an email domain. All you'll need is one single account which works as a catch all account. This means, that all emails sent to *@kool.domain.tld will end up in this email account. The mailing script of kOOL will then regularly check this email account and process all emails. In order for kOOL to be able to do this, you'll have to set the $MAILING_PARAMETER array in your config/ko-config.php file. It contains the mailserver's name (host), the default POP3 port (port), the username and password for the catch all account (user, pass), the email domain to be used for these fake addresses (domain), the settings to activate SSL (ssl), whether the certificate should be validated or not (validate-cert) and the default Inbox folder (folder).


A cronjob should be run about every 5 minutes and must call the file mailing.php in your kOOL root directory. It is important to call the script with it's full path, like

*/5 * * * * /usr/bin/php5 /var/www/kOOL_demo/mailing.php

This cronjob does all the necessary work: Check for new emails, send confirmation mails or failure notices and deliver the emails.


As kOOL needs to be able to access the POP3 account your PHP installations needs the imap extension. On Debian based systems a simple apt-get install php5-imap should be enough.

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