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  kOOL single installation

If you want to test kOOL or just need one installation, you can download the single installation package. All the necessary files are stored in one directory.

If you want to go productive with kOOL you are encouraged to use the multihost installation.


You'll find the detailled installation instructions in the file INSTALL.txt in your zip file.

Update your kOOL single installation

  • Unpack the new kOOL package into a new folder
  • Manually copy all custom files from the current kOOL directory to the new one. These might be: ko.css, footer.php, header.php, config/ko-config.inc, config/kota.inc, config/leute_formular.inc, my_images/*, webfolders/, .webfolders/, plugins/
  • Update your kOOL database if necessary (check installation notes for this release)
  • (Follow any additional instructions for this release of kOOL)
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