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  Extend kOOL with plugins

With plugins you can accomplish small changes or enhancements withouth the need to change the code of kOOL itself.

You are encouraged to share your plugins with others so everybody can profit and learn from the others. For now you can just send your plugins to renzo(at)churchtool.org, and they will be published here.

Some example plugins

  • evbg_ferien: Adds three new columns to events to store specific information about holiday courses. (Easy example for DB and KOTA) evbg_ferien_0.1.zip
  • gpmc_gebetsfackel: Adds a new column to ko_kleingruppen and an xls export for small groups. (Easy example for a new submenu entry and excel export) gpmc_gebetsfackel_0.1.zip
  • ca_dienstfelder: Adds 6 useful columns to the table ko_dp_dienste. Can be used in connection with the Typo3 extension kool_dienste. ca_dienstfelder_0.2.zip
  • ca_dienstliste: XLS export of all members in rota teams with their addresses. (Easy example for new submenu and xls export) ca_dienstliste_0.1.zip
  • rota_test: Example plugin on how to create a new rota export (for new rota module in R43). rota_test_0.1.zip
  • demo_submenu: A simple demo plugin showing how to add a completly new submenu. demo_submenu_0.1.zip
  • example_eventexport: A plugin that does nothing but offers the frame to add your own event export (XLS, PDF, etc). example_eventexport.zip

How to write your own plugin?

You can find some information in the documentations for developers and reading the code of the above examples.

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