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  Overwrite defaults set in ko.inc

At the beginning of the file inc/ko.inc many constants are set. These values should not be changed in this file itself, because they will be overwritten with the next release of kOOL.

As the local configuration file config/ko-config.php is being included in inc/ko.inc after these definitions, they can be overwritten in config/ko-config.php. This gives you the following possibilities (amongst others):

  • Define other formats for the display of dates with $_DATETIME
  • Export additional fields from ko_leute to LDAP with $LDAP_ATTRIB
  • Change the fields, that are being display in the address list with $LEUTE_ADRESSLISTE
  • A new login get the userprefs defined in $DEFAULT_USERPREFS
  • $LEUTE_EMAIL_FIELDS defines which column of ko_leute should be handled as emai addresses used in email exports. $LEUTE_MOBILE_FIELDS works the same way for mobile numbers
  • $COLS_LEUTE_UND_FAMILIE specifies the columns that are to be shared among family members.
  • When you export addresses including parents' columns, you may use $LEUTE_EXPORT_CHILDREN_COLUMNS to specify which data from the parents should get exported. Special columns are "_father" and "_mother" which will export the parent's name. By using an underline in front of a column name from ko_leute, you get the data from this column of the father or the mother. To specifically get the father's or mother's data for a column prepend it with "_father_" or "_mother_".
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