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  Change strings in the kOOL GUI

Sometimes it can be handy to change the names of certain items inside kOOL. This can be done with localized strings. These strings are all defined in locallang/locallang.LANG.php but should not be changed there, as they will be reset after an update to a new release.

The proper way of changing these values is through a plugin.

The following plugin shows this for the example of small groups. In some churches they might be called house groups or live groups or something else.

Example plugin to change some LL strings

First create a new folder inside the plugins folder in your kOOL web directory. I will call it smallgroups for this example.

Two files are necessary for this kind of plugin. First you'll need config.php which holds some configuration:


$PLUGIN_CONF["smallgroup"] = array(

'title' => "LL-Settings for small groups",

'description' => "",

'author' => "Renzo Lauper",

'author_email' => "renzo@churchtool.org",

'dependencies' => "",

'conficts' => "",

'state' => "stable",

'version' => "0.1",

'type' => 'leute',



The second file you'll need is called locallang.php and will hold the actual values. In this example the values are only reset for the English language. If you need to set it for other languages too, just add additional lines and exchange "en" with the code for your language.


$LL["en"]['submenu_leute_neue_kg'] = "Add live group";

$LL["en"]['submenu_leute_list_kg'] = "List live groups";

$LL["en"]['submenu_leute_title_kg'] = "Live groups";

$LL["en"]['module_kg'] = "Live groups";

$LL["en"]['admin_settings_limits_numberof_smallgroups'] = "Number of live groups";

$LL["en"]['kg_listheader_kg-gen'] = "LG-gen";

$LL["en"]['filter_KG'] = "LG";

$LL["en"]['filter_KG-Leiter'] = "LG leader";


This will not only change the submenu entries but also the name of the module itself.

Which LL values you'll have to change, depends on your needs. You can find them in the files in the locallang directory.


Now you can go to the tools module in kOOL and install this newly created plugin. The changes will be applied immediately.


Download this example as zip file: smallgroup_0.1.zip

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