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  Welcome to kOOL - the church tool

What is kOOL?

A free, feature rich, web based church administration software built with php and based on a MySQL database.

What can kOOL do for me?

Manage your addresses, organize them in hierarchical groups and roles. Manage all your events and service rotas. Keep track of all your reservations for rooms, material etc.

See the full feature list for details.

Is kOOL for me?

kOOL is pretty feature-rich, so you won't be able to just download and install it and use it's full potential in one hour. But once you master kOOL, you will be able to accomplish almost any task you might have to do in your church administration.

If you just plan to use kOOL as a user, you might look for a technically savvy webmaster to host it for you.

How do I install kOOL?

You will need a web server with apache, php and mysql in order to install kOOL. Read about all the requirements and the whole installation process.

What can I do for kOOL?

Depending on your time and skills you might consider contributing by testing and writing bug reports, writing code, translating kOOL or documentations or helping other users on the mailing lists.

Any contribution to kOOL from your part is very much appreciated.

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