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  Activate the SMS functionality in kOOL

kOOL offers the possibilty to send sms messages to addresses stored in the kOOL database using an external sms provider. At the moment this is possible with one of the providers Clickatell (www.clickatell.com) or aspsms (www.aspsms.com).

As an administrator of your kOOL installation you'll have to follow the steps outlined below to activate the sms sending functionality. After that kOOL users with the sms module will be able to send messages from kOOL.

aspsms: Create an account

Register on www.aspsms.com to create an account with aspsms. After registration you'll find your userkey in the user area on their webpage. With all this data you may configure kOOL to send SMS through aspsms by editing you config/ko-config.php file:

$SMS_PARAMETER = array('provider' => 'aspsms', 'user' => 'USERKEY', 'pass' => 'PASSWORD');

Replace USERKEY and PASSWORD with your settings and you're good to go. But please read on about senderIDs!

Register sender ids

What is a sender id?

A sender id is either a mobile number or a string which will be used as the sender for your messages, which you will send out of kOOL. If you add your mobile number, the recipients will be able to respond to your message and you will receive their answer.

How does kOOL handle sender ids?

In order for kOOL to be able to use your mobile number as the sender id of your sent messages the following conditions have all to be true:

- You have to be logged in to kOOL

- A person's record from the people module of kOOL has to be assigned to your login

- This person's record must have a valid mobile number

- Your mobile number must be registered as a sender id with Clickatell or aspsms

- Your mobile number must be registered with kOOL (see below)


If all these conditions are met, your mobile number will be used as the sender of your messages. If one or more of these are not met, the default sender id "kOOL" will be used. This is only a string which will show up on the mobile phone of your recipients, and they will not be able to answer to your messages.

Register your senderIDs with aspsms

You can register new senderIDs for aspsms directly in kOOL. Go to the general settings in the admin module and enter your mobile number in "SMS Settings > Register new senderID". You will receive an activation code on your mobile which you'll have to enter in kOOL. After this, your mobile number will be registered as senderID.

About the format of mobile numbers

Clickatell expects the mobile numbers in the international format without any leading zeros of plus signs or spaces. But storing your numbers in this format in kOOL doesn't look very nice, so kOOL will take care of this for you.

As most of your addresses in kOOL will have the same country code, you will most likely not store it for every address but you can set the default country code in "Admin->General settings" in kOOL. This default country code will be used for all mobile numbers without a country code.

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