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25. of June 2009New release R35

By: Renzo Lauper

This release mainly fixes bugs but also adds some new features.

Due to the bugs fixed in this release you are encouraged to update your kOOL installation.

Some new features also made it into this release:

- This release brings graphical statistics for your addresses and small groups. You may combine them with filters which brings almost endless possibilities. You may easily add new statistics with plugins.

- After having entered a request for a moderated reservation item or a moderated event the user didn't see these requests anymore until they got approved by a moderator. Logged in users may now see their own requests and are also allowed to delete them.

- If your mailserver runs with ezmlm-idx as mailinglist manager, you may now manage addresses in kOOL which will automatically be exported to any given ezmlm mailinglist.

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