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  What is kOOL - the church tool?

kOOL is a web based software that lets you easily solve the typical administrative tasks of a christian church.

kOOL itself runs on a web server (apache, php, mysql) and the users just need to have a modern internet browser (Firefox, IE, Opera, etc.).

kOOL does not replace a website but solves the following tasks:

  • Manage your addresses (church internal and external addresses)
  • Maintain detailled information about the members (done courses, camps, newsletter, etc.)
  • Event management (internal events and public ones, that can be published on a typo3 webpage)
  • Keep your reservations online and accurate (rooms, material, etc.)
  • Track attendance to your events (courses, small group meetings, etc)
  • Keep service rotas for your teams of your events (preacher, technics, ushers, baby care, etc.)
  • Manage Donations

The flexible design of kOOL allows you to use it for other purposes than church administration also with great benefits. Especially the management of addresses in combination with the group management is very flexible and quite unique.

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